Elixir of Love

Multimedia by Richard Repp

In the Spring of 1995 I was in the cast of Illinois State University's Presentation of Gaetano Donizetti's Elixir of Love. To prepare for the role I created these multimedia presentations. The programs were written on the Macintosh platform in two versions, an Authorware and a Powerpoint version. These presentations are no longer available, but the media from them are linked below.

Sound files

The opening statement of the Prelude (68 K)

Mario Sereni sings the opening phrase of Belcore's Aria (189 K)

Renato Cappecci sings the Finale (264 K)

Note: all sound files are in the Next/Sun (.au) format.


Sesto Bruscantini as Dulcamara (2,759 K) hawking his magic potion.

Note: movies are in the QuickTime (.mov) format.


A MIDI file of the opening cavatina

A MIDI file of the finale


The Background (large) Judith Blegen as Adina

Reanto Cappecci EMI CD Insert Nicolai Gedda

Belcore, Adina and Nemorino Dulcamara and Nemorino

Curtain from Met The Composer Romantic Clip Art

Nemorino The Schirmer Score Mario Sereni

Sesto Bruscantini as Dulcamara Another Pav Shot

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