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All Possible Chords Explanation


These are the working documents for the All Possible Chords section of the theory material.


This was an early attempt to find all the chords, so it contains a lot of mistakes that are not worth fixing. These are not meant to be ways to learn the chords, but just an exercise to explore the depth of the patterns.


For an accurate list of all the chords, access the All Spelled Chords document, which does get checked for errors.


These are the working tables as indicated in the text


1 All the chords based on thirds and suspensions

2 All chords without inversions or transposition

3 All chords with bass note G including inversions, unsorted

4 All chords with Root G including inversions, unsorted

5 All chords with root G, sorted

6 All Possible chords


(Just skip to #6 of you did not read the text.)

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