Pattern Obsession and Music Weaving

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A guitar and music theory method stressing development of all possible complex phenomena through building on simple patterns


Highlights (Samples from each chapter)

·      Finger Exercise: Finger Murder

·      Chords: Build You Own Chords. Interactive chord generator and transposer

·      Rhythms: Basic Rhythm Patterns. List of all possible rhythmic combinations

·      Scales: Distilled Scale. All elements of the G major scale

·      Technique Primer: Hammer, Pull, and Two Hand Tapping

·      Theory Tutorial: All Possible Chords Spelled Versions of all mathematically unique chords


Beginner's Path

1 Finger Exercises

1 Finger Exercises Introduction

2 Finger Yoga

3 Finger Murder

4 Pick Madness

5 Spot Finder

6 String Mayhem

2 Chords

1 Learning Chords

2 Major Chords up the Neck with Alternates

3 Minor Chords up the Neck with Alternates

4 All Forms of the E Minor Chord

5 Chord Weaving

6 Chord Forms

7 Chord Progressions

8 Build Your Own Chords Interactive

3 Rhythm

1 Learning Rhythms

2 Basic Rhythm Patterns

3 Two Note Rhythm Weaves

4 Three Note Rhythm Weaves

5 Four Note Rhythms

4 Scales and Arpeggios

1 Learning Scales

2 Modal Scales Relative to G

3 Scales in Other Keys

4 Vertical Scales

5 Modal Scales with Shifts in G

6 Scale in G Distilled to Basic Elements

7 Four Note Efficiency Scales in G

8 All Possible Scales in a Single Position

9 Scale Weaves and Arpeggios Explanation

10 Scale Weaves Single Note

11 Scale Weaves Two Note

12 Scale Weaves Three Note

13 Arpeggios Overview and Tables

5 Techniques

1 Tuning

2 Hammers and Pulls

3 Efficient Picking

4 Vibrato

5 Bends

6 Muting

7 Harmonics

8 Finger Picking

9 Slide

10 Alternate Tunings

11 Looping

12 Percussive

13 Guitar Synthesizer

14 Miscellaneous Tricks

6 Theory (Not just for guitarists)

1 Theory of Pattern Obsession

2 All Chords

3 Parallel Chords

4 Spelled Chords


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